Commercial and Industrial: Creating Safer Workplaces and Enabling Business Continuity

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A Leader in Advancing Workplace Safety and Protecting Business Assets

We are passionately committed to helping our customers achieve their safety and security goals so that they can maintain and improve business productivity. Our cost-effective access control and integrated security management systems software, along with a wide range of products, allows commercial and industrial organizations to address a variety of unique safety and security challenges.

Improve Security Operations Through Consolidation

Our innovative technology allows businesses to realize cost savings by consolidating disparate multi-site physical access control systems and improving the efficiency of system management, administrative processes, training, and maintenance operations.


Physical Access Control                      Network Video Recorders

Integrated Solutions                            Electronic Access Control

Video Monitoring Systems


New Ludgate- Commercial Site
Case Study Commercial and Industrial
New Ludgate

Enhance Safety, Reduce Incidents, and Strengthen Security

Our integrated solutions can help address common issues facing today’s commercial and industrial businesses, from employee and customer safety, to theft and restricted-access risks. Tyco can provide a global standardized security solution, including equipment and installations, to achieve consistency and efficiency.


Video Surveillance Systems                 Video Analytics

Integrated Solutions                             Network Video Recorders

Video Monitoring Systems                   Video Management Technologies

Offshore drilling
Case Study Oil and Gas
Harland and Wolff

Robust Architecture for Integration and Interoperability

Our integration solutions provide robust computing platforms and open system architecture for integration and interoperability with other sub-systems, such as access control, intrusion detection, video surveillance, and building systems.


Building Automation Systems                        Physical Access Control

Electronic Access Control                             Video Management Systems

Integrated Solutions                                      Video Surveillance Systems

O2 Arena
Case Study Commercial and Industrial
O2 Arena

Manage Access Levels for Employees, Contractors, and Visitors

Using our access control smart card enrollment and authentication solution, your employees or contractors can use their company-issued smart cards to gain access to specific areas but not areas restricted to them. This eliminates the need for multiple cards.


Integrated Solutions                             Biometrics Access Control

Electronic Access Control                    High Assurance Solutions

Badging Solutions                                Physical Access Control

Our Solutions in Action

Commercial Space Interior

Millworks Custom Manufacturing Case Study

Our wireless intrusion system offers protection of valuable materials.

Empty Warehouse

Kentucky Underground Storage Case Study

Upgrading a surveillance system for increased security and clearer images.

Commercial Building

Special Applications

We offer a broad portfolio for industry-specific applications

Laptop Screen With Login Page

21 CFR Part 11 White Paper

Field-level audit trail and strong password protection.

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