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In-store surveillance cameras for the PC & Wireless Shop, in Canandaigua, New York, were old and slow, produced pixelated videos, left blind spots, and required a dedicated PC.


Tyco installed eight Illustra Edge cameras, fully covering the 5,000-square-foot business and helping the shop secure all entry and exit points. Tyco also installed and configured a new video management system—the exacqVision Edge VMS—which allowed quick, easy search of the recorded video.


The Illustra IP cameras dramatically improved image quality and performed well even in low-light conditions, helping the shop to see important details clearly. In addition, the fisheye cameras increased situational awareness by recording full-resolution videos of the entire area.


Tyco Uses the Latest in IP Camera Technology and Video Management Software to Improve Security

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The PC & Wireless Shop is a leading retailer and service provider for cellular phones, custom-built computers and laptops, IP security cameras, and PBX phone systems.

With thousands of dollars of high-tech equipment in the shop, the owners wanted to ensure the premises were secure at all times. The previously installed IP cameras were old and slow, produced pixelated videos that made it nearly impossible to identify activities, and left blind spots in the coverage area.

The shop needed an intuitive, scalable, and cost-effective solution to overcome these challenges.

The PC & Wireless Shop found it difficult to manage their vast store with the outdated store surveillance system. They needed a tight video surveillance system that could help safeguard the shop’s costly inventory.


Monitor the Retail Store and Repair Space With Tyco’s Video Surveillance Solution

By transitioning to Illustra cameras, the store improved its on-site surveillance. The high-definition cameras provided better video imaging, and the combination of fisheye, mini-bullet, and mini-domes eliminated blind spots in the store and work areas.

  • IP Cameras provide various viewing angles, including a horizontal view and a corridor mode, to monitor all areas of infrastructure. They’re ideal for retail stores, commercial buildings, healthcare facilities, banks, and others.
  • Video Management Systems effectively monitor video, audio, and data in real time. This reduces review time and allows security staff to conduct investigations efficiently.


Installation was easy and intuitive, from mounting and connecting each camera to configuring the exacqVision video management software.

The mini-dome cameras performed in low-light conditions. The staff at the PC & Wireless Shop were able to see important details clearly in color, while the fisheye cameras increased situational awareness by recording full-resolution videos of the entire area.

Given its scalability and easy integration with other systems, the store plans a new setup that will enable the owner to view and respond to videos from smartphones, since the cameras provide both live and recorded video triggered by motion detection or alarms.

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