Case Study

California Commercial Security


Based in San Diego, California, California Commercial Security (CCS) is a leading regional security integrator in southern California. They provide card access, fire systems, CCTV, and more for the military, building owners, HOAs, and other commercial/industrial environments. In the past, when a building owner had common areas and doors that needed restricted access, they would approach CSS and request a card access system. However, that “traditional” system would require an onsite computer, software, and training on how to use the system. The challenge customers often ran into was this: Who would manage this system?


CCS was happy to learn that Kantech could deliver a managed security platform that allowed customers to manage their own card access systems through a dealer-branded, web-based portal 24 hours a day, seven days a week, from anywhere in the world. The web-based system quickly eliminated the need for having a computer on-site, installing or updating software, training employees on how to use the programs, and relying on CCS to manage the system for them.


Kantech Managed Access Control

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