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Camosun Community College in Victoria, British Columbia, wanted an integrated security solution that could combine its existing Kantech security control system with updated readers, controllers, cameras, video management software, video recorders, and existing intrusion panels to secure the campus’ perimeter.


The college chose a Tyco security solution that brings together the EntraPass Corporate Edition security management software with exacqVision network video recorders (NVR) and video management system (VMS) software, along with DSC MAXSYS intrusion alarm panels for the security of more than 50 buildings.


Through its native integrations with exacqVision and DSC intrusion, EntraPass allowed for the remote management of access, intrusion detection, and video surveillance, including the integration of existing cameras, analog access control, and video systems.


Camosun Community College Chooses Tyco’s Integrated Security Solution to Remotely Manage Access Control

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Camosun has two campuses that serve approximately 16,000 students every year. They needed an integrated security solution to shift security from an incident response-based approach to a more holistic outlook that could be scalable in the future.

The college buildings are home to various students, staff, and visitors. Hence, the college wanted to control access to specific doors and building sections with greater precision and grant or revoke access to specific users as needed. Furthermore, they wanted to match video cameras to doors for integrated management of campus security.

Remote access of the integrated access control, video, and intrusion platform was an essential component for this new system to operate smoothly. The college also aimed to introduce a one-card system integrated with the human resource department’s software, so that they could easily initiate access for cardholders with minimal training.

Camosun Community College, with its multiple campuses and approximately 16,000 students, needed a future-proof, scalable system that could secure the campus perimeter through explicit access control and video surveillance.


Tyco Provides Fully-integrated Security Solution to Camosun

Camosun opted for an integrated security solution combining their existing security system with updated card readers, controllers, cameras, and video management software to effectively monitor and protect their buildings.

  • Security and Event Management enables businesses to better safeguard their infrastructures with customization options for their specific needs.
  • Door Controllers prevent the public from wandering into restricted areas. They make security and building operations more effective by integrating with alarm panels, HVAC systems, and CCTV systems.
  • Network Video Recorders (NVRs) enhance security with comprehensive video recording solutions that offer unlimited scalability and better performance. These integrated and hybrid NVRs can provide real-time email notifications and improve response time to critical events.
  • Video Management Systems effectively monitor video, audio, and data in real time. This reduces review time and allows security staff to conduct investigations efficiently.


With Tyco’s help, Camosun Community College was able to manage its security system more efficiently and monitor the campus buildings remotely, either through a web browser or a mobile app. After having successfully deployed an initial installment of the security system, the college plans to implement it in all campus buildings in the future.

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