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The challenges faced by Advanced Technology College included safeguarding its students and staff members, protecting a state-of-the-art building, and monitoring campus security from one central command center.


The college chose Tyco’s PowerSeries Neo, along with Sur-Gard System Receivers, to help campus staff monitor the IP-based commercial fire communicators and burglary security systems. The system also provided protection for the building’s entrance, classrooms, and offices.


Installing security measures like door/window sensors and under-the-counter panic buttons helped students and staff feel safer in the event of an incident. And an IP-based security system helped the college get rid of dedicated phone line and third-party monitoring fees.


A Reliable and Cost-saving Solution That Safeguards a College Campus

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The Advanced Technology College in Florida, with a 120,000-square-foot campus, boasts state-of-the-art equipment in multiple smart classrooms.

Ensuring the safety of students and staff, monitoring activities at the campus, and preventing loss were primary concerns. Also, their existing third-party monitoring system fees and dedicated phone lines for fire alarm control panels represented large operating costs that should be reduced.

The college needed a security system that offered reliable protection over an extensive perimeter, even though the metal and concrete infrastructure proved to be a hurdle for radio frequency devices communicating to a wireless repeater. They also needed a system with highly encrypted communication paths, a user-friendly interface for monitoring alarm panels, and easy maintenance options.

The college required a system that could offer reliable protection over an extensive perimeter while providing highly encrypted communication paths despite challenging environments. In addition, the system needed to have the capacity for high transmission ranges with improved battery life, and had to provide the customer with cost savings and easy maintenance options.


An Innovative and Reliable Solution to Monitor an IP-based Security System

To help manage and monitor the campus while saving money, the college chose two solutions from Tyco:

  • DSC PowerSeries Neo makes a modular, hardwired system work with a wide range of wireless devices and peripherals. This resulted in a comprehensive and versatile hybrid system for both small and large-scale commercial applications—perfect for the college’s diverse needs.
  • Sur-Gard System enabled the staff to monitor their IP-based commercial fire communicators and burglary security systems while eliminating third-party costs.


Since installing the new security solution, monitoring the campus of the Advanced Technology College has become easier and more cost-effective.

The features of the PowerSeries Neo and Sur-Gard systems helped the college monitor various sections of its campus, thus making the staff and students feel safer.

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