White Paper

Benefits of Using a Unified Video Management Solution

Like thousands of other businesses worldwide, your retail operations may already have a significant investment in powerful and dependable DVRs and analog cameras. You may be confronted with a dilemma facing other retailers: how to improve store performance and keep employees and customers safe, all while making sure operations stay in line with your budget. Fortunately, IP video surveillance technology enables you to accomplish all of this. Even if you have many analog systems deployed, there’s no time like the present to integrate IP and analog video surveillance systems—without sacrificing the investment you’ve already made. By implementing a unified video management solution, you can realize these three huge benefits:

  1. Preserve your existing analog investment by mixing DVRs and analog cameras with NVRs and high-definition IP cameras.
  2. Easily and cost-effectively expand video surveillance operations as your needs grow.
  3. Take advantage of the powerful features of IP video recorders and high-definition cameras in specific areas for improved image quality and situational awareness.

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