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 Why Tyco for Airports?

  • Our systems help protect over 110 airports.
  • Tyco secures over 80 percent of U.K. airports and more than 60 U.S. airports.
  • Tyco has the only dedicated airport-specific access control system available on the market.

Securing the Gateways of the World

Tyco security solutions are the preferred choice of many of the world's leading airports. Tyco solutions have a proven record as the most flexible, reliable, and resilient airport security solutions available. From the only airport-specific access control system to the integration of access control, intrusion, and CCTV to provide a one-stop security offering, Tyco aviation solutions can provide fully-integrated security control.

The Core to Security Control

Tyco aviation solutions are used by leading airports and airlines around the world, including over 80 percent of U.K. airports to address their security needs by:
  • Controlling access throughout the airport and prevent unauthorized access to secure areas
  • Providing CCTV monitoring to ensure a safe environment for passengers and staff
  • Managing the flow of passengers, visitors, and baggage through access points inside the airport
  • Manage vehicle flow and control of vehicle access
  • Helping meet security regulatory standards
  • Providing command and control for airport security, and low enforcement agencies

Beyond Security

Historically, security systems only focused on meeting the security needs of the business, but Tyco aviation solutions can help improve business effectiveness by:
  • Controlling and monitoring the usage of equipment to allow apportioned charging
  • Controlling the access by contractors for health and safety monitoring
  • Control and monitor the use of air bridges to improve availability and usage monitoring
  • Control access to car parking facilities to improve the effective use of spaces
  • Help meet "green" targets through the recording and monitoring of car-sharing schemes or enabling electricity supplies and other controls

Designed for the Future
Economic pressures and the changes to government and industry regulations means that the aviation sector has to continually adapt quickly to change. Tyco aviation solutions provide innovative features designed to change with business needs.

  • Virtually unlimited system expansion
  • IP and serial devices to cater for new and legacy infrastructures
  • High Power PoE+ devices removing the need for local power at devices
  • Distributed intelligent devices with onboard memory for central and remote configuration and maximum system resilience
  • Portable hand-held readers for ultimate flexibility
  • Standalone or seamlessly integrated system—Access Control System, Biometrics CCTV, DVR, Intruder Alarms, and third-party external systems integrated as one complete security solution
  • Compatible with industry-standard open protocols
  • World's most widely adopted line of video based security and integrated solutions

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