Case Study

Dana Farber Cancer Institute

Business Drivers

    Expand the clinical care space to serve growing patient and research needs
    Extend the life of existing Intellex systems and invest in state-of-the-art IP technology
    Enable seamless and efficient security operation
    Contain costs

Key Highlights

    Victor unified video client and VideoEdge NVR from American Dynamics were selected to provide an integrated solution.
    This integrated solution allows integrating the analog and IP video technologies to make them function seamlessly together, and sharing video with other users easily within Dana-Farber, all while safeguarding unauthorized views and exports of the footage.


The new Yawkey Center for Patient Care was Dana-Farber’s most significant expansion project. During the three-year construction, security and facilities management staff in Dana-Farber had to evaluate the impact of the new state-of-the-art facility on the current and multi-location infrastructure. Not only did the Yawkey Center add an additional 275,000 square feet of clinical and support space to the institute’s overall footprint, but security plans for the center included the addition of nearly 200 additional IP cameras that had to be seamlessly and efficiently married with Dana-Farber’s significant investment in their current CCTV surveillance equipment.

Using the new Victor unified video client and VideoEdge NVR from American Dynamics, all IP cameras and Intellex DVRs’ analog video streams from Dana-Farber’s 500 cameras are seamlessly integrated into Victor’s single system and user interface. Instead of toggling between different applications on their monitors, dispatchers can now be concerned only about the content of the video and fulfilling their regular duties of ensuring the safety and security of the hospital facilities and not what recording technology the video is being generated from.

It is clear to the Dana-Farber staff that undertaking the deployment of a new command center, built around the Victor platform that harnesses the strength of Dana-Farber’s existing video infrastructure and the flexibility of IP video, has accomplished two major goals. Not only has it provided the institute with a custom designed clinical facility to further its mission of excellence in cancer care and research, but also a state-of-the-art infrastructure on which to base security and facilities operations for the future.

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