Case Study

Montréal Police Force

The Montréal Police force is innovative in both its approach to enforcing the law and advancing its own security. Instead of the typical policing method of operating a few precincts with a large number of officers at each location, this police agency enforces the law in a more distributed manner. With more than 80 sites throughout the city including 49 community stations, officers work at multiple sites throughout a given week. As activities in the city change, more officers may be needed within certain neighborhood sites and less at others. This approach to policing efforts allows the force to assign officers where they are needed most.

While being near all citizens is a clear advantage for both the efficiency of the police force and the protection of Montréal citizens, the security challenges of managing officer access to these sites were considerable—until the force upgraded its system to the C•CURE 800 access control system from Software House, a leading access control brand of Tyco International’s Fire and Security division.

“With the new system, we are able to distribute the access control by building more easily and manage corporate access with only a few security personnel,” said Rheal Masse, information system security manager, Montréal Police. “With the C•CURE 800, the isolated approach to security became distributed. The C•CURE has enhanced security, takes less time, and provides superior features.”

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