Case Study

Jurong Island Checkpoint

Jurong Island is a major petrochemical hub off the coast of Singapore. With a number of companies operating there, the island represents billions of dollars worth of investments in petroleum and chemical product production. To address security, a new vehicle and pedestrian checkpoint was built, providing an effective barrier along the road linking the island with mainland Singapore.

This case study shows how the CEM AC2000 SE system was installed to meet the high security needs of the checkpoint. The system offers a single integrated graphic display for access control monitoring, operation of security cameras, and handling intercom requests. The system also needed to provide quick clearance for legitimate vehicles and pedestrians. CEM developed an electronic form for pass applications, reducing the time to issue cards for visitors to under a minute. And with proximity tags and long-range readers in use for vehicles, clearance times have been reduced from ten minutes to one minute. Five synchronized back-up servers ensure continuous operation of the central system.

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