Case Study

Hong Kong Science Park

The prestigious new Hong Kong Science Park (HKSP) is a world-class location for product research and design, incubation, and production activities for some of the world’s leading organizations. To protect the 22-hectare (54 acres) campus, the park needed a solution to control and monitor the movement of personnel and to secure sensitive areas within nine buildings.

This case study demonstrates how the CEM AC2000 SE system provided an ideal solution. The system links each building to the main access control system, but allows each section to have control over their own restrictions and transactions. This modular architecture allows the park to expand the system at any given time. And the security team is taking full advantage of the AC2000’s alarm monitoring functionality, with alarm points at door contacts, lifts, motion detectors, and water/flood detectors. Moreover, a number of customized software solutions were developed specifically for HKSP, highlighting the fact that solutions can be custom designed to meet a client’s needs.

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