Residential: Special Applications

Special Applications

• Integrated Alarm Management
• Fire Alarm Integration
• Web Browser Client
• Intrusion Detection System
• Scalable CAD Map Display and Support
• Mustering Location Support

• Intercom System Integration
• Redundancy (High Availability and Disaster Recovery)
• Smart Card Technology
• Biometrics
• Double Swipe (Common Areas, Laundromats, etc.)
• Strong Partitioning

• Personnel Views
• Site Servers
• Central Monitoring
• Elevator Control

Tyco’s Mission: Protecting People, Property, and the Environment

As part of Tyco’s mission, we’ve identified all our applications, products, and features that contribute to a better environment, and we’re continually striving to identify new ones. Our green initiative is fundamental to Tyco, our customers, our partners, and our employees. Our blue planet is very dependent on the green initiatives taken by all.

Video Management Systems

Analytics that enable fast searches and save time and energy.

IP Video Management System

IP systems take advantage of existing infrastructure and eliminate the need for extra wiring and labor.

Wireless Lock Set

An IP solution that uses the existing IP network, requiring less wiring and labor.

Visitor Management

Reuses access cards and recyclable IDs for visitors.

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