Intrusion Detection

Protecting Businesses and Homes 24/7

Tyco is providing smarter ways to help protect people, homes and business operations with our world-class Intrusion Detection solutions.

  • The loss of lives, goods, equipment and valuable information due to intrusion at work seriously affects businesses and negatively impacts employees. Taking a consultative approach, Tyco delivers a full range of integrated Intrusion Detection solutions that are customized for each customer.
  • At home, the safety of family members is paramount but loss of property is also financially and emotionally damaging. Tyco customizes Intrusion Detection solutions for every kind of household.
  • From large industrial concerns such as oil and gas or mining companies to private individuals seeking to protect their homes and families, Tyco designs, installs, maintains and upgrades Intrusion Detection solutions to fit the specific needs and budgets of each of our customers.
  • Tyco’s world-class Intrusion Detection systems help protect our customers’ property, assets and people 24 hours a day. Our solutions provide a crucial deterrent to criminals along with a rapid response from our Alarm Monitoring Centers.

We help protect what matters most by finding smarter ways to save lives and improve business operations with the latest Intrusion Detection solutions.

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