Video Monitoring and Access Control Center at Major U.S. Bank

Business Drivers

  • Reduce False Dispatches and Resulting Fees
  • Pinpoint Site Security Issues
  • Leverage Existing Video Network
  • Improve Branch Opening Security

Key Highlights

  • The Bank was looking to meet several challenges including reducing false alarms, improving opening security and leveraging an existing video security system.
  • They selected Tyco's central monitoring solution, with services including Video Verification, Video Escort and access control system management.
  • Benefits to the Bank include a 40 percent reduction in false dispatches.


This large U.S. Bank was looking to reduce false dispatch fees and improve their ability to pinpoint and resolve security problems at individual sites, while leveraging their investment in an extensive existing digital video surveillance system serving some 1,800 branch offices, 50 office buildings, two large operations centres and more than 1,000 remote ATMs. The Bank also needed to increase the level of security during the branch opening process. And, with more than 12,000 employees, the bank was managing a challenging access control system process.


The Bank chose ADT® SelectSM View for a managed video services solution. From a Central Monitoring Centre in Aurora, Colorado, Tyco provides the bank access to specialised security professionals who concentrate solely on the unique needs of banking and financial services customers. The Bank benefits from services including Video Verification, with trained operators accessing the bank's video system to view and assess the cause of alarms, verifying the situation before calling local law enforcement and avoiding false dispatches and resulting fines. With Video Guard Tours, Tyco operators survey the facility visually from each camera vantage point to help ensure that proper security protocols are being followed at all times and allowing fast action if a deficiency is found. With the Video Escort service, Tyco assists employees involved in the daily opening and closing of branch locations, with a Tyco representative in communication by cell phone and video camera "escorting" the employee as long as necessary to ensure safety. In addition, Tyco is managing the Bank's extensive access control system. As people are hired, the Bank enters credentialing requests into a central system, and Tyco processes, prints and ships credentials on a daily basis to all locations as needed.


The Bank has reduced false dispatches by 40 percent, saving the equivalent of thousands of dollars in fines. By streamlining security operations systems with Tyco, the Bank has been able to deliver a higher level ofsecurity for its employees, customers and vendors in a more cost-effective way. The Bank also has the flexibility to add or change service requirements at any time.



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