Tyco Integrated Fire & Security Is Riding High After Major Sales Win for New Evergreen Line Rapid Transit Project in Metro Vancouver

In an important strategic sales win for the newly combined Canadian business, Tyco Integrated Fire & Security is ‘on board’ as the fire protection and security solutions provider for the Metro Vancouver rapid transit system expansion now under construction in British Columbia’s largest city.

To win the Evergreen Line transit project, Tyco Integrated Fire & Security demonstrated the added value it can bring as a combined business and the benefit of awarding a single contract to cover both fire protection and security.

The $3.4 million contract was awarded by SNC-Lavalin, the design-build contractor on the $1.4 billion Public-Private Partnership (P3) project for the Evergreen Line. The P3 project involves the Province of British Columbia, the Government of Canada and TransLink, Metro Vancouver’s regional transportation authority.

“This is a very exciting and significant win for our combined TycoIFS team,” said Mike Abbey, Area General Manager, West, for Tyco Integrated Fire & Security. “The team pulled together as one to get the security work as well as fire alarm and suppression. It’s a great example of the success that lies ahead as Tyco SimplexGrinnell and Tyco Integrated Security come together to form the best fire and security company in Canada.”

Construction is now underway on the 11-kilometre Evergreen Line, which will link a number of Metro Vancouver neighborhoods and be fully integrated into the existing system. Tyco Integrated Fire & Security is in the design phase of the fire and security systems, which will be installed in 2015. The Evergreen Line is expected to be open in the summer of 2016 and will eventually carry up to 70,000 passengers daily.

A Concerted Effort to Win Both Fire and Security

When the bidding process for the Evergreen Line fire and security systems began, Tyco SimplexGrinnell and Tyco Integrated Security were still operating as separate businesses in Canada. SimplexGrinnell was positioned from the very beginning to win the fire alarm business and suppression systems but it took a concerted, collaborative effort to secure the security solutions opportunity and the public address system.

On the fire side of the project, SimplexGrinnell was able to leverage its successful execution a few years earlier of a project to replace the alarm system for the SkyTrain line in the Metro Vancouver transit system. Having delivered a positive customer experience with that project, the specifications for the Evergreen Line called for a Simplex 4100ES fire alarm system and SimplexGrinnell also earned the chance to provide fire suppression systems. The security business, however, was much harder to come by, as SNC-Lavalin initially seemed poised to award the work to a competitor.

All of this bidding activity was occurring just as SimplexGrinnell and Tyco Integrated Security took the first steps to form a unified Tyco Integrated Fire & Security business. Mike had been appointed an Area General Manager, assuming responsibility for the combined business in the West Region of Canada. He and his team immediately saw an opportunity to rescue the security business.

They re-engaged with SNC-Lavalin on the security portion of the project, and ultimately succeeded in winning the business -- by showing the benefits of working with one organization and awarding a single contract for both fire and security. The team very clearly demonstrated the added customer value associated with the combined business.

  • Improved resource efficiency (cost savings) for SNC-Lavalin
  • A single point of contact for project management
  • An improved assessment of project risk, resulting in more favorable terms and conditions
  • The comfort and familiarity of having worked with the SimplexGrinnell fire team on other transit system projects.

It was a great team effort, and Mike is proud of the work of the TycoIFS employees involved with the Evergreen Line fire and security win: John Matthews – P3 Director; Chris Sterling – Fire Alarm and Public Address; Anoop Buttar – Clean Agent Fire Suppression; Tim Stortaboom – CCTV; Peter Gallant – Area Sales Manager; Heather Brown – Legal; Paul Anderson – Project Manager.

“We have talked a lot about the advantages of combining the fire and security businesses, and this project really shows how it can benefit Tyco Integrated Fire & Security and our customers,” Mike said. “I am excited about what the future holds as we continue to work together and unleash the full power of this exceptionally strong business.”

“The combined Canadian business fits very well into a Public Private Partnership (P3) model, which emphasizes innovative efficiencies,“ said John Matthews of the Strategic Account Executive (SAE) group. “By working together, we not only improved our own efficiency (and win ratio) but also that of our customer. We see great potential for more of this collaboration.”


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