USAF Selects Tyco’s Highly Regarded Mass Notification System

Business Drivers

  • Communicate With Large Groups
  • Create Secure Environment
  • Help Save Lives
  • Endure Rugged Conditions

Key Highlights

  • The United States Air Force (USAF) relies on mass notification system to communicate with large groups quickly and effectively
  • Conventional public address systems were considered too loud, unintelligible and not rugged enough
  • Tyco's Clear Warning™ Emergency-Alert Warning System features clarity, mobility, versatility and range


When wartime demands and natural disasters require the U.S. Air Force (USAF) to operate outside its fixed bases, it relies on the speed and effectiveness of its mass notification system to clearly communicate with large groups of people. Traditional public address speaker systems were considered too loud, insufficiently intelligible and not rugged enough for field conditions, which may compromise the USAF’s ability to evacuate or deploy as fast and as reliably as needed.


The USAF selected Tyco’s Clear Warning™ Emergency Alert Warning System, which exceeds both USAF and Homeland Security specifications. The system is a custom-built, self-powered half-ton trailer with an extendible, mast-mounted speaker system and electrical generator with standby battery power. It can deliver clearly intelligible voice instructions as far as 500 metres (546 yards) and in a wide-area radius - due to a four-speaker cluster arrangement. Users can configure the system to provide emergency communication coverage via standalone remote or networked speaker clusters, operated individually or by zones, all via the system’s graphical user interface. Moreover, by utilising the system’s optional video surveillance interface, users can visually assess and communicate changing threats as events develop.


The system helps the USAF’s chain of command receive the dependable information it needs to make critical, life-saving decisions. Local management of Tyco’s Clear Warning™ Emergency Alert Warning System helps officers reduce losses, generate trust and create a secure environment for staff. It also helps them manage the risks involved in communicating to large numbers of remote personnel in difficult and even in battlefield conditions.


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