Sydney Ferries Works with Tyco to Upgrade Video Surveillance in Harsh Seaside Environment

Business Drivers

  • Upgrade Security
  • Operate In Face Of Harsh Seaside Conditions
  • Install Over Large Geographic Spread
  • Provide Comprehensive Solution

Key Highlights

  • Sydney Ferries Corporation wanted to enhance security over their 44 wharf transportation network.
  • They tapped Tyco to meet the geographic challenge, as well as the challenge of corrosive sea air.
  • The comprehensive Tyco solution is returning higher quality video feeds within the harsh environment.


Past terrorist attacks on public transport facilities have highlighted the critical importance of state-of-the-art surveillance to the safety and security of any public transport system. In this increasingly uncertain security environment, the New South Wales government-owned Sydney Ferries Corporation has moved to enhance electronic security measures for the protection of both passengers and equipment. The Sydney Ferries Corporation's fleet of passenger ferries shuttles among 44 wharf locations in the Sydney metropolitan area, from Circular Quay to Parramatta in the west, Manly in the north and Watson’s Bay in the east. The challenge of maintaining an interactive security system over this extensive geographic spread is further compounded by the harsh environment in which the equipment is to operate. The combination of sea salt and humidity is highly corrosive, and poses a special threat to sensitive electronic surveillance equipment.


Previous success in providing security systems for other Australian government agencies paved the way for Tyco to secure the €4 million contract to upgrade the Sydney Ferries Corporation’s Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) system and operate it over the next several years. Also a factor was Tyco's expertise in providing integrated solutions in similar environments, and its proven ability to effectively specify, install and carry out maintenance on appropriate equipment to counteract these challenging conditions.

In the initial phase of the project, Tyco will upgrade the video network across the 44 wharves over a nine month period. This involves expansion of the existing 197 camera surveillance network by an additional 87 cameras; upgrading existing security infrastructure; improvements to the Circular Quay, Manly and Balmain Shipyard maintenance and monitoring services; increasing the quality of live and recorded images; upgrading the existing public address system and upgrading the passenger Emergency Help Points and Transport Infoline. Tyco is providing a comprehensive solution, including servicing of cameras and networking equipment, as well as conducting simulation tests on the security monitoring systems to ensure a high level of availability.


The new video surveillance cameras installed by Tyco produce higher resolution images than the Corporation’s existing cameras, thus providing higher quality video feeds to the central monitoring point and a higher level of security for the Corporation’s wharves and ferries. Of note, the Tyco system is successfully providing this higher quality of surveillance in a harsh environment.


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