Remote Video Auditing at a Industrial Company, U.S.

Business Drivers

  • Verify Food Safety Procedures
  • Differentiate From Competitors
  • Optimise Quality Assurance
  • Improve Worker Productivity

Key Highlights

  • A large meat processing company needed to audit operations.
  • Tyco installed the technology that gave them the ability to regularly audit key operating locations.
  • The company is performing food safety and production audits, helping improve employee compliance to procedures.


The managers of a large meat processing company needed to audit operations to ensure that their safety and production policies and procedures were being correctly followed. They also wanted to use auditing as a way to better differentiate themselves in the marketplace by being able to perform daily inspections on their quality control and processing procedures, as compared to the monthly or yearly inspections performed by their competitors.


The company identified a number of key areas where they were interested in auditing, including meat and dry storage receiving, processing and preparation, packing, shipping docks, the quality assurance lab and the employee break room. To do this most effectively, they selected ADT® SelectSM Vision Video Auditing service. The Tyco team helped determine the appropriate number and positioning of cameras and developed an appropriate auditing frequency schedule.


With the Tyco Select Vision Video Auditing service, the company is performing food safety and production audits focused on employee compliance to procedures, as well as conducting quality control inspections, and monitoring food handling procedures. Two audit reports are emailed weekly to select managers, summarising the compliance scores of the critical control points. The system is helping the company demonstrate high food safety standards, measure production improvements to realise increased operational efficiencies, and develop strategic sales and marketing messages related to their comprehensive food safety program. The company is also benefiting from the fact that the Tyco service leverages much of their existing equipment, minimising their necessary level of investment.



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