RailCorp Ensures CityRail Passenger Security with Tyco

Business Drivers

  • Increase Passenger Security
  • Standardise Service
  • Gain Single Contact Point
  • Provide Incident Management

Key Highlights

  • Australia's RailCorp chose Tyco to implement an extensive upgrade to its CityRail network
  • Tyco installed 6,300 cameras and 700 Emergency Help Points
  • Ongoing upgrades are completed with limited interruption to RailCorp's security system


With about a million passengers riding the RailCorp’s CityRail network in Australia each day, security is a major concern. The initial security system installed by Tyco in 2000 has grown to include more than 6,300 cameras. The availability of high-quality video images from every CityRail station is an important part of RailCorp’s strategy to maintain high security for staff and passengers.


RailCorp chose Tyco to implement an extensive, five-year upgrade to its CityRail network. Tyco designed the highly sophisticated electronic security system for not only passenger security but also for operational efficiency. Each station has numerous cameras for monitoring platforms, concourses and car parks to promote passenger safety and serve up 25 “Emergency Help Points.” These are security consoles for monitoring cameras at stations around the clock and responding to police enquiries. Train operation consoles also feature video surveillance capabilities to facilitate passenger security and movements. Tyco provides support and maintenance for more than 6,300 security cameras and 700 “Emergency Help Points” and is continues to upgrade the existing video system with the new technology.


Tyco’s in-depth knowledge of RailCorp’s existing security system and ability to migrate a live system to the new platform has helped to ensure a seamless standardisation of the security services across all of RailCorp’s CityRail sites. With each upgrade of its security system, RailCorp has gained more powerful capabilities to manage its security more cost-effectively. With Tyco, RailCorp has a single point of contact to gain access to the latest video surveillance and related technology, project management excellence, service delivery expertise and system expandability. This promotes savings of the costs, time and complexities of dealing with multiple vendors.


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