Port of Cork Picks Tyco’s Integrated Security System

Business Drivers

  • Achieve More Effective Security Conditions
  • Maximise Overall Cost Reduction
  • Reduce Geographic Constraints
  • Implement Access Control System

Key Highlights

  • Ireland's Port of Cork selected Tyco for an integration security solution
  • Tyco installed n advanced video surveillance and access control system with an automatic number plate recognition solution
  • Port management remotely manages all port activity


The Port of Cork is one of Ireland's most important ports. Over 3,000 ships and 10 million tonnes of cargo pass through the port each year, making it one of Ireland’s busiest. With 99 percent of the country’s trade volume moving through its ports, the efficient and effective operation of its facilities is essential, requiring its management to know what is going on at all times across the port’s vast and varied properties.


To improve port security, the Port of Cork asked Tyco for a solution which could be managed effectively and efficiently with limited disruption to the port’s operations. Tyco installed a state-of-the-art video surveillance system as part of an integrated security management. An automatic number plate recognition solution (ANPR) was linked to the CCTV system to automatically record vehicles embarking and disembarking from the “roll-on-roll-off” ferries. Entry to the deep-water terminal for commercial ferries also has a full traffic management system with control barriers and ANPR digital cameras. The system is used to provide automatic entry to certain vehicles whose registration plates have been granted the requisite access level.


Tyco’s solution was pivotal in meeting the geographical challenges of the Port of Cork. By installing an advanced, integrated video surveillance and access control system, port management can remotely monitor all port activities inside its perimeter. This has dramatically improved its port security and has helped the port avoid the costs of additional security personnel to patrol its grounds.



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