Petrochemical Company Resolves Access Control Challenges with Tyco Solution

Business Drivers

  • Protect Operations
  • Meet Government Requirements
  • Leverage Existing Assets
  • Move Proactively and Efficiently

Key Highlights

  • A large Petrochemical Company took a proactive approach to meeting emerging MTSA TWIC requirements.
  • They worked with Tyco, which was able to leverage existing assets.
  • The Company took early action, and was able to implement a solution that saved more than €450,000.


The Company, a leading independent oil refiner and marketer, has more than 600 sites with 20,000 employees who will be affected by the emerging Maritime Transportation Security Act (MTSA) regulations. These regulations will require personnel with unescorted access to secure areas of MTSA-regulated facilities and vessels to have the appropriate biometric Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC™). The Company wanted to take a proactive approach and begin testing and implementing a system that would meet the TWIC standards — even as the government was still fine-tuning its requirements.


The Company, which had an existing Software House® C-Cure® access control system, turned to Tyco to help them develop a cost-effective solution that would integrate the current system into one with TWIC card functionality to help comply with MTSA regulations. After evaluating the anticipated direction of the MTSA and the Company's system, Tyco determined that it could effectively re-engineer the highly adaptable C-Cure access control system. The main challenge was meeting the MTSA regulation which required verifying an individual's access card against a government database before granting or denying access. The Tyco team implemented a software solution that is used for Personal Identity Verification (PIV) that would liaise between the on-site reader accepting the TWIC cards, the U.S. government server which would house the status of the individual, and the Software House access control system.


By being proactive, anticipating future regulations and involving Tyco in the early phase of this project, the Company benefited from time and cost efficiencies. Tyco's engineering team had sufficient time to explore options, and was able to configure a solution that integrates well with the Company's existing system, which could save them more than €450,000. After deploying this software solution, the Company began enrolling TWIC cards into their access control system, and once the government finalizes and implements the new regulations, the Company will be ready to use the cards to control access.


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