Major Security Upgrade at RBS Citizens Bank, U.S.

Business Drivers

  • Standardise Security System Specifications
  • Generate Customer Confidence
  • Lower Security Costs
  • Enhance Personnel Efficiency

Key Highlights

  • Citizens Bank 1,450 branches featured many incompatible security systems due to its growth through acquisitions
  • Tyco upgraded and standardised the bank's network of alarm panels and video surveillance systems
  • Tyco incorporated a new network access control system with over 500 card readers


Following years of growth through acquisitions, RBS Citizens Bank, a Top Ten U.S. commercial bank headquartered in Rhode Island, USA with more than $167 billion in assets, found it had inherited incompatible security systems throughout its network of 1,450 branches and 2650 ATMs. At one point the bank was dealing with several different security vendors and their various alarm panels and monitoring services. Management was concerned with associated increasing security costs and varying levels of service.


Tyco helped Citizens Bank develop its own bank-managed security command centre that could monitor and report all facility alarm activities throughout the Bank’s enterprise. The security integrator also upgraded and standardised the bank’s network of alarm panels and video surveillance systems. Tyco first converted the alarm panels of an acquired bank’s branches to the new Citizens Bank specification. Following that stage Tyco supported the Bank’s security conversions of its remaining branch offices. As part of the standardisation process, Tyco also incorporated a new networked access control system with over 500 card readers to help tighten security for the Bank’s 25 non-retail locations, including data centres and headquarter facilities. Tyco holds a master service agreement with Citizens Bank for the enterprise-side security systems Tyco installs and maintains for the Bank.


Tyco’s solution communicates via the Bank’s internal command centre security network, which helps improve security efficiencies and lowers overall security costs for Citizens Bank. In addition, because Citizens bank consolidated its various security vendors to Tyco and standardised its overall security system, bank employees, especially those in charge of bank security, can be more productive. The bank controls the management and alarm reporting of its security operations, helping to ensure more consistent processes and generating fewer false alarms. Most importantly, Citizens Bank now has a security system capable of keeping pace with its growth plans.


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