Commercial U.S. Gas Company Uses Tyco Managed Video Services to Comply With Regulations

Business Drivers

  • Meet New U.S. Government Regulations
  • Increase Security
  • Be Cost Effective
  • Allow Future Growth

Key Highlights

  • The gas manufacturing company was looking for a cost-effective way to meet government regulations.
  • Intelligent video analytic technology combined with a perimeter intrusion detection system was installed to transmit video to Tyco's world-class Monitoring Centre in Aurora, Colorado.
  • The company has increased its security, met its regulatory mandates and has reduced false dispatches, saving the equivalent of more than €70,000.


This leading American commercial-use gas company produces a variety of gases, such as oxygen, nitrogen, argon, hydrogen and rare gases. With the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) mandating increased perimeter security and intrusion detection, they were looking for a cost-effective way to meet regulations.


Using Tyco Video Verification services, a component of the SelectSM View suite of services, the company was able to quickly increase its security and meet the FDA requirements. The service provides increased perimeter security, with video analytic technology and trained operators at Tyco's world-class Monitoring Centre in Aurora, Colorado monitoring video feeds, verifying alarms and notifying local law enforcement when suspicious activity or an actual break-in are seen. Multiple high-resolution, industrial-grade colour cameras are used during the day, and low-light, black-and-white cameras at night. With a combination of fixed and pan-tilt-zoom cameras, the entire perimeter can be viewed 24 hours a day. A centrally located PC-based digital video recorder was located in the company’s control room and serves as the video management system. Video feeds run from all field cameras on a fibre backbone to a DVR. Photoelectric beams, part of the intrusion detection system, can alert personnel of a perimeter breach at a predefined security buffer zone outside of the facility. Fully integrated cameras record events based on alarms from that system.


The company now meets its regulatory mandates and has increased the security of the facility. The managed video solution reduced the need for physical guards and has reduced false dispatches, which has saved the company the equivalent of more than €70,000. In addition, the wireless mesh network used by Tyco does not require expensive trenching to lay cable, so new or additional cameras can be quickly and inexpensively added to the system as needed.


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