Retail: Jewelery Retailer Improves Security, Lowers Costs with Tyco Integrated Security Managed Video Solutions

Business Drivers

  • Improve Security
  • Alleviate Frustration With Unreliable Resources
  • Lower Costs
  • Reduce False Alarms

Key Highlights

  • This jewelery manufacturer was hampered by unreliable guard services.
  • Tyco installed Video Escort and Video Verification at each of 50 locations.
  • The Tyco services improved security and helped reduce costs, while meeting insurance mandates.


Insurance requirements demanded that this high end, 50 location jewelery manufacturer have a guard presence during all store opening and closing activities. Not only was this service expensive, it wasn’t always reliable, as guards would not always show up on time as required.


To help decrease costs and lower employee frustration while improving the dependability of security coverage, the organisation turned to Tyco. After analysing the situation, Tyco installed video surveillance cameras inside each retail location, and provided two different ADT® Select SM View video service solutions. With Video Escort, the Tyco Special Operations group is able to "escort" employees whenever necessary with visual and audio contact via cell phone. If assistance is required, Tyco can quickly notify the local authorities while continuing to monitor the situation. For additional security after hours, Tyco installed the Video Verification service at each location, with Tyco operators monitoring security cameras, verifying alarms and notifying local law enforcement when necessary. The ADT® video monitoring platform can capture video footage of actual alarm events, which can aid in the capture of perpetrators. Clients are also given access to a secure web portal where they can view video clips of false alarms, intrusions or other incidents at any time. The comprehensive system met the approval of the retailer's insurance carrier.


ADT® Video Escort service has helped the retailer lower costs, decrease the dependence on unreliable guard services and increase employee security throughout the business day. Video verification has resulted in a reduction in false dispatches and associated fines, while helping to increase the priority of response for police in the event of an actual break-in.


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