Integrated Security Solution at RBC - Royal Bank Canada

Business Drivers

  • Establish Central Command Centre
  • Integrate Digital Security Systems
  • Cut Operating Costs
  • Provide for Future Upgrades

Key Highlights

  • Canadian banking's first IP security system integrating intrusion detection with access control and video surveillance
  • Reduced the cost of image retrieval and distribution by 90 percent
  • Camera-based protection provides greater bank customer security at ATMs


With more than 1,100 branches across the nation, the RBC Royal Bank is one of Canada's largest financial institutions. The bank wanted to leverage its existing network infrastructure to provide a secure connection between its many branches and a central video surveillance and command centre. It needed to better protect customers at its ATMs while also improving its speed and coordination in responding to crime.


The RBC Royal Bank chose Tyco to help it design a solution that would integrate advanced intrusion detection with access control, digital video and specialised video surveillance capabilities. The Tyco solution features remote accessibility and serviceability, plus centralised administration. Tyco will maintain and monitor the entire security network for an initial five-year period. The solution creates a security infrastructure upon which additional layers of technology and services can be added in order to meet the business challenges of the future. Features like Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP), digital signage and a variety of marketing and security analytics can be added, based on feedback and demand from branch managers.


With Tyco's comprehensive and integrated bank-wide solution, RCB Royal Bank has dramatically improved video image quality and storage, helping to result in a 90 percent reduction in the cost of image retrieval. It has enhanced its brand image and reputation for customer service and safety by improving protection of its ATMs and branch teller areas. This has helped to enhance its responsiveness to crime, while helping to improve staff safety and lower staff turnover.


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