Global Case Study: Tyco Helps Standardize Security Systems for Hard Rock Café Locations Around the World

Business Drivers

  • Standardize Security Equipment and Installations Globally
  • Achieve Consistency From Global Partnership
  • Enhance Customer and Employee Safety
  • Improve Operational Efficiencies

Key Highlights

  • Hard Rock Café has many worldwide locations and has turned to Tyco for its global security expertise
  • Hard Rock Café sought out Tyco to consolidate all electronic security needs under one provider
  • Working with Tyco helps Hard Rock Café improve their risk management capabilities globally


Beginning with one café in London, Hard Rock Café has evolved into one of the most recognized brands of cafés, hotels and casinos. Over the past 35 years, 138 locations in 42 countries possess the Hard Rock Café name. In the past, each corporate-owned facility was responsible for its own security system, resulting in different approaches with little or no consistency. Now the Hard Rock Café has completed consolidation of its security systems at its US facilities and is doing the same in Europe and Australia, working with Tyco as its sole security provider across the globe.


Working with Tyco as the single-point-of-contact has improved the day to day management of security systems across multiple Hard Rock Café locations. By providing a standardized system, with the same products and installation process, Hard Rock Café can offer a consistent and high level of security. Hard Rock Café facilities range in size from 6,500 square feet to the largest one in Orlando at 60,000 square feet. The standard security system for each facility includes eight to sixteen cameras, burglar alarms and in most cases fire alarms. The cameras are generally located at entrances and exits, points-of-sale and cash registers, while other cameras are in non-public spaces such as kitchens and service areas. All locations have digital video recorders that run the video over the Hard Rock Café corporate network. The video is monitored both locally and centrally at the corporate level. The Hard Rock Café corporate offices in Orlando, Florida have also deployed access control systems.


Worldwide locations from both Tyco and the Hard Rock Café allow for Tyco experts and technical crews to be dispatched to the many Hard Rock locations around the globe. The local expertise offered by Tyco helps for a smooth installation with standardized equipment already in use by other facilities. By consolidating with one global security provider, Hard Rock Café can rely on consistent global standards and expand beyond just physical security. The video cameras and digital recorders are used to document events for risk management purposes. Working with Tyco globally helps offer Hard Rock Café customers and employees the highest level of security and safety necessary for an active entertainment and restaurant establishment.


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