Gandhi International Airport Terminal 3 Taps Tyco for State-Of-The-Art Security Solution

Business Drivers

  • Protect New World-Class Terminal
  • Handle Complex Airport Environment
  • Enable Efficient Operations
  • Contain Costs

Key Highlights

  • Tyco was selected to provide a state-of-the-art security solution for the new world-class Terminal 3.
  • Tyco is installing a CEM AC2000 Airport Edition and an IP Video surveillance system with analytics.
  • This fully integrated solution will allow the new terminal to run more efficiently in terms of both cost and operations.


As part of the new, 500,000 square metre Terminal 3 being constructed at Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi, India's Delhi International Airport Ltd. (DIAL) sought a state-of-the-art access control and video surveillance security system suitable for the world-class facility.


In an agreement valued at nearly € 7.2 million euros, Tyco is installing a CEM AC2000 Airport Edition system specifically developed for airports, and an IP video surveillance system with analytics to help secure the new terminal. The integrated security system will also provide surveillance to the multi-level and surface car parks and the metro rail system. The CEM access control system boasts key features like single OEM hardware and software; intelligent, multi-technology card readers with onboard database; web interface for remote diagnostics and reporting; and the redundancy option to work offline. The Tyco IP video surveillance system will employ the latest H.264 compression technology.


The Tyco system is a fully integrated solution that will allow the new terminal to run more efficiently in terms of both cost and operations. The seamless integration with third-party video surveillance systems will enable the airport to handle the operational complexities and security challenges involved in a wide-area deployment. This new system will fully support key operational applications such as passenger reconciliation, visitor management, air-bridge monitoring and airport check-ins, all of which are critical to airport grounds operations.
In addition, the Tyco IP video surveillance system has the ability to deliver the same high-quality digital video as comparable solutions with savings of between 25% and 50% on bandwidth and storage requirements.


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