California Commercial Security

Business Drivers

  • Deliver customized solutions to meet all of customers’ security needs
  • Easier to use and easier to train
  • Contain costs

Key Highlights

  • CCS chose the new web-based managed access control system from Kantech.
  • It was quick to adopt the new platform and introduce it to its customers.
  • Existing customers did not have to toss their old Kantech hardware out, but instead were able to upgrade to this new managed solution with very minimal costs.


In the past, when a building owner had common areas and doors that needed restricted access, they would approach CSS and request a card access system. However, that “traditional” system would require an onsite computer, software, and training on how to use the system. The challenge customers often ran into was – who would manage this system? The person tasked with running the day-to-day operations of the card access system would often be someone onsite who was not a security expert. CCS began offering their improvised managed access solution. This system was an improvement, but it could be cumbersome at times. Customers had to fax in their requests for modifications to the system and then wait for them to be completed. If they sent CCS a fax during non-business hours, there was a lag time.


When Kantech introduced the new web-based managed security product in 2008, CCS was quick to adopt the new platform and introduce it to its customers. The web-based system quickly eliminated the need for having a computer on-site, installing or updating software, training employees on how to use the programs, and relying on CCS to manage the system for them.


As a result of Kantech managed access platform, CCS was now able to provide two distinct product choices to its customers. A “fully managed” solution remained available, wherein the trained CCS staff would continue to make system changes upon the receipt of verified fax and e-mail requests. A “hosted solution” provided an alternative to the fully managed product. The hosted solution leverages the innovative web-based interface and allows customers to retain more day-to-day and minute-by-minute control over their security systems, if that is what they prefer. The new offering is far more robust than competitor’s products. It allows CCS to deliver a unique, personal, secure and easy-to-use product for our customers. Additionally, CCS is able to leverage their extensive installed base of Kantech KT300 and KT400 controllers.


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