Singapore’s Leading Retailer Finds Security and Style with Tyco

Business Drivers

  • Decrease Stock Losses
  • Provide Security With Aesthetics
  • Maintain Trend-Setting Operation
  • Integrate Security With POS

Key Highlights

  • Tyco's concealed Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) detection system provides anti-theft security without sacrificing aesthetics and product accessibility
  • Tyco's SmartEAS provides people-counting, alarm management and other capabilities to help improve store operations
  • Store management can track sales conversion rates to help optimise promotions and merchandising


Singapore’s store, managed by leading retailer, C.K. Tang, needed to install an unobtrusive stock management and loss prevention system to protect its merchandise in its 8,500 square-metre store (85,000 square feet). While serving customers the latest fashions and accessories is the mission, profitability through operational efficiency is its goal. Tang’s challenge was to maintain the contemporary aesthetics of its store yet provide improved protection against shrinkage from shoplifting and employee theft.


Tyco equipped Tang with a comprehensive solution combining functionality with style. Given the mall’s open architecture and relaxed ambience, Tang’s management chose Tyco’s concealed EAS detection system to combat theft. Tyco then integrated point-of-sale scanning and tag-deactivation, along with video surveillance and Tyco’s SmartEAS system. The people-counting sensors helps record customer flows allowing Tang to better optimise staffing, determine sales conversion rates and improve merchandising efforts. It also measures and records staff response times to EAS alarms. This can show floor staff’s responsiveness to triggered alarms and also help to analyse false alarm patterns. An Tyco intrusion detection protects the store when during closing hours.


For Tang, the sophisticated and tightly integrated Tyco retail security solution has been successful as a theft deterrent with verifiable results. Management has also found the store staff to be more security-conscious and more likely to share information with security personnel to help catch thieves. The store has been able to match staffing levels to mall and store traffic patterns, helping to reduce unnecessary labour costs yet maintain enough staff to ensure customer service and satisfaction.


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