Networked Video Benefits: Guide for Small to Medium Size Businesses


Networked video, also called video over IP and IP video, can have substantial benefi ts for small- and mediumsized businesses. This guide will help explain the technologies and benefits, as well as provide information on how to select a system provider.

Networked video is today’s generation in video surveillance and can provide numerous advantages over analog and digital video recorder-based systems. Networked video systems (NVS) are developed to utilize Internet Protocol (IP) enabled devices, such as computers, network switches and IP cameras. Internet Protocols are a collection of standardized and globally accepted protocols for information transmission through a network. IP networks are safe and have been in use with other applications since 1974. A firewall, VPN (virtual private network) and password protection restrict access to data being stored and transferred. In addition, video camera manufacturers have encryption and IP fi ltering built into their cameras to help provide an added layer of protection.


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