Home Fire Safety Tips

Statistics show that homes left unoccupied are more likely to be broken into and those empty for more than a month are 43% more likely to suffer a burglary. Burglars target homes that look empty, so make your home appear busy and lived in. Whether you live in a rural or urban setting, every home is a potential target for burglars. The best defence against burglary is prevention. With a little bit of planning you can help make your home an unappealing target for burglars.

Home Safety Tips

  1. Lock all doors and windows when you leave home - most home burglaries occur during the day, when people are away at work or school.
  2. Fit security lighting on the front and back of the house.
  3. Ensure that all ground and basement windows are fitted with locks and make certain doors have dead bolt locks.
  4. Leave curtains slightly parted so your house doesn't have an empty look, but don't leave valuables or electronic equipment where burglars can see them through windows.
  5. Never leave an answering machine message indicating you are not home. Simply say that you cannot take the call at that moment.
  6. Never leave door keys under a doormat or plant pot outside
  7. If you have a monitored home security system, make sure it is working properly and has been properly tested at least 4 weeks before you go away. If you do not have a monitored alarm, consider having one installed because they are an effective deterrent.
  8. Use timer switches to turn lights on and off, giving your home the impression it is occupied. They are inexpensive, easy to operate and can be obtained from good Do-It-Yourself stores.
  9. If you have a Neighbourhood Watch in your area, let them know your plans so that they can help keep an eye on your property.
  10. Remember to cancel deliveries such as newspapers. Uncollected mail acts as a signal that a house is not occupied.
  11. Avoid discussing holiday plans with strangers; you never know who they might pass the information on to.
  12. Secure important documents and valuable items in a safe place within your home or deposit them in a bank.

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