False Alarm Prevention Tips

You can take several steps to reduce false alarms. The first is to identify their causes. For homeowners, the single largest cause of false alarms is human error. False alarm fees can cost you hundreds of dollars. It can also create dissatisfaction with your system, as well as the security provider. Additionally, police resources across the country are limited, and should never be wasted. Thousands of police and fire patrol hours are spent investigating alarm reports that turn out to be false.

Fire Alarm Prevention Tips

  1. Don't place smoke detectors near the kitchen, bathroom, or anywhere else where steam or dust is likely to accumulate in the detector's chamber.
  2. Replace smoke detectors after ten years of use or earlier.
  3. Clean smoke detectors with a vacuum cleaner periodically to get rid of built up dust.
  4. Properly train all people who will be entering your home (e.g., babysitters, relatives, children, visitors, etc.) on the proper use of the alarms in your home.
  5. Secure doors and windows before turning on alarms.
  6. Inform the monitoring centre of new pass codes and arming codes, and new or removed authorized users.
  7. Service and maintain the system (including replacing batteries) properly.
  8. If there is a question as to whether or not the system is working properly, immediately contact the security provider to check the status of the system and devices.

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