Internship & Co-op Programs

Tyco’s internship and co-operative (co-op) programs will advance your personal and professional development by allowing you to apply your classroom training to real-world assignments. Through these highly-competitive opportunities, you can sharpen the skills you acquire in school and contribute your knowledge and talent to make a vital difference at Tyco.

Internship or co-op – what’s the difference?
The Tyco internship program is a10-week, full-time, paid assignment that takes place over the summer. Internships are open to undergraduate juniors and graduate students who are currently pursuing their degree from an accredited college or university.  Intern assignments may be shortened or extended based on the company’s needs and may offer opportunities for part-time, paid employment during the academic year.

Co-ops are generally enrolled in their college’s or university’s co-operative education program, pursuing a bachelor’s or advanced degree. Tyco’s co-op program offers full-time, paid assignments that generally last six months from January to June or July to December. Co-ops may receive credits from their college or university for their completed assignments.

Tyco hires both undergraduate and graduate students for our internship and co-op programs.   Most internships prefer those undergraduate juniors who will be going into their senior year after the summer.  To aid us in our selection process, we have established the following minimum eligibility requirements. You must:

  • Be enrolled in an accredited, four or five-year college or university at the time of application
  • Have completed at least two years of study in an applicable degree or course of study
  • Be highly motivated and resourceful with a high level of academic achievement
  • Be able to work a minimum of 10 weeks

How to Apply
Internship and co-op opportunities are available in locations across the US, China and India. To apply for an internship or co-op assignment, please visit Search Campus Recruiting Opportunities. When searching for early career opportunities, please type in the keywords such as  intern, Co-Op, and/or development.

Internship Program Overview
The internship program is a 10-week program designed to provide students with:

Experience. Development. Growth. Excellence.

No matter what your assignment, you will be presented with exceptional opportunities that help you explore and develop diverse career paths. This experience is sure to jump start your career while, at the same time, provide us with a glimpse of what’s to come from our next generation of professionals and leaders.

Experience: In addition to your work assignments, you’ll serve on a cross-functional team to propose and deliver a self-initiated project. You can also strengthen your relationships and gain peer support by participating in a number of networking tools and events that connect interns and campus recruits inside and outside of the office.

Development of Career and Leadership Skills: You will develop skills through on-the job learning, technical training, career coaching, and leadership exposure. In the summer, we provide executive roundtables every week where the interns learn first-hand from members of our leadership team on how to be a team player and lessons learned from their career.  Interns from various key locations are asked to assist with the planning of community events and other team related activities as part of their developmental opportunities. 

Growth: Your work is essential to your professional credentials and to our business. You’ll be given clear job assignments and practice setting SMART goals and objectives. Tyco’s performance management process will guide structured reviews with your manager on your progress and results and help you provide feedback to each other.

Excellence: Working knowledge helps enhance and enrich a student’s educational and learning experience. As a Tyco intern, you’ll be provided with great opportunities to evaluate and creatively present your internship experience.

  • Intern Showcase: At the conclusion of your internship, your cross-functional project teams will meet with other interns and managers to share your Tyco learnings and experiences in a 3 to 5-minute presentation.
  • End of Summer Celebration: At the end of the internship program, some locations may arrange a “graduation” event for interns, managers and special guests to gather and celebrate the achievements of your Tyco experience.
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