Ethical Conduct

In support of Tyco’s commitment to champion ethical conduct, our Guide to Ethical Conduct demonstrates the values of Integrity, Excellence, Teamwork and Accountability  that our employees strive to live by every day. You can also read the Tyco 2013 EHS Progress Report or access the Tyco 2012 EHS Progress Report here.

Raising An Ethical / Compliance Concern

As a global industry leader, Tyco insists that ethical business practices and integrity be at the core of everything we do. Tyco is committed to creating an environment where all stakeholders, including employees, investors and business partners feel comfortable and encouraged to Speak Up when they have a concern about an action or situation which is uncomfortable or simply does not feel “right”. To raise an ethical or compliance related concern, you can log onto* or you can call the appropriate toll free number at the end of this message. Operators are available to answer your call 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. 

In addition to these resources, you may also contact the Ombudsman Office.  The office is a completely confidential resource for our stakeholders to raise and address compliance concerns.  The direct line to the Ombudsman Office is 877-232-4121 within the United States and +1 609-720-4427 for users outside of the United States.  In addition, you may write the Ombudsman Office by e-mail at* or by letter at 9 Roszel Road, Princeton, NJ 08540, US.

Whichever method you choose to report, please know that every concern raised is confidential and will be fully investigated.  We hope that you will help us maintain the highest ethical standards.  If you have a concern, please report it. 

* or if you are contacting us from France, Belgium, Spain or Germany

CONCERNLINE Telephone numbers
Within the United States of Canada 1-800-714-1994
Argentina 0800-666-1730
Australia 1-800-20-8932
Austria 0800-298-684
Belgium 0800-7-1417
Brazil 0800-891-4177
Canada 1-800-714-1994
Chile 1230-020-5495
China 10-800-711-0631
Columbia 01-800-912-0029
Costa Rica 0-800-011-1049
Czech Republic 800-142-728
Denmark 80-885619
Dominican Republic 1-800-528-1092
Finland 08001-1-6575
France 0800-90-1703
Germany 0800-187-3586
Greece 00-800-11-008-3233
Guam 1-800-714-1994
Hong Kong 800-962-881
Hungary 06-800-17830
India 000-800-100-1075
Indonesia 001-803-1-008-3365
Ireland 1-800-558-549
Israel 180-940-0091
Italy 800-788340
Japan 0044-22-11-2563
Kazakhstan  8^800-121-4321, after prompt dial 800-714-1994
Korea 00368-110116
Luxembourg 800-201-11, after prompt dial 800-714-1994
Malaysia 1-800-80-3435
Macau 0-800-111, after prompt dial -800-714-1994
Mexico 001-800-613-2737
Netherlands 0800-022-5890
New Zealand 0800-450464
Norway 800-18540
Pakistan 00-800-01-001, after prompt dial 800-714-1994
Philippines 1-800-1-111-0112
Poland 0-0-800-111-1561
Portugal 800-8-11215
Peru 0800-52-626
Russia (Moscow) 755-5042, after prompt dial 800-714-1994
Russia (Outside of Moscow) 8^10-800-110-1011, after prompt dial 800-714-1994
Saudi Arabia 1-800-10, after prompt dial 800-714-1994
Singapore 0800-110-1519
South Africa 0800-980-082
Spain 900-97-1031
Sweden 020-79-0631
Switzerland 0800-56-1525
Taiwan 00801-10-4060
Thailand 001-800-11-008-3246
United Arab Emirates 8000-021, after prompt dial 800-714-1994
United Kingdom 0808-234-7051
Uruguay 000-411-004-9012
Vietnam 1-201-0288, after prompt dial 800-714-1994


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