• Our People and Values

    We Share a Passion for Advancing Safety and Security

Tyco’s competitive edge begins with its people

Every day, the company’s 65,000 employees come to work with a passion for protecting what matters most. They take great pride in knowing that they make a difference in the world: their work helps protect and safeguard people and property.

Tyco’s diversity and culture is built on a foundation of four key values. These values shape how our employees interact with every stakeholder and with one another. Together, they drive our company forward. The values are:

  • Integrity - We demand of ourselves, and each other, the highest standards of individual and corporate integrity.
  • Excellence - We continually challenge each other to improve our products, our processes and ourselves.
  • Teamwork - We foster an environment that encourages innovation and creativity, and delivers results through collaboration.
  • Accountability - We honor the commitments we make and take personal responsibility for all actions and results.

Tyco Global Responsibility

At Tyco, we have a shared pledge to promote our values of Integrity, Excellence, Teamwork and Accountability and are proud to highlight these principles in the way we approach philanthropic giving and community involvement. Learn more about Tyco’s Global Responsibility initiative and how we are striving to make a positive impact in the communities in which our employees live and work.

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