Our Leaders

To contact the Board of Directors

Management speaks on behalf of Tyco and the Board normally communicates through management with outside parties. However, the Board has established a process for interested parties to communicate with members of the Board, including the lead Director. If you have any concern, question or complaint regarding our compliance with any policy or law, or would otherwise like to contact the Board, you can reach the Tyco Board of Directors via email at directors@tyco.com. Shareholders, customers, vendors, suppliers and employees can also raise concerns at www.vitaltycoconcerns.com. Inquiries may be submitted anonymously and confidentially.

To raise an ethical or compliance related concern

Visit www.VitalTycoConcerns.com, or www.EUVitalTycoConcerns.com if you are contacting us from France, Belgium, Spain or Germany, or call:

  • Ombuds Hotline (from U.S. territories): 877-232-4121
  • Ombuds Hotline (International): 609-720-4427
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