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A Commitment to Doing the Right Thing

As a global industry leader, Tyco is committed to doing the right thing in the workplace and within the communities in which we operate.  Our vital values, Integrity, Accountability, Teamwork and Excellence, are central to our role as an ethical and responsible corporate citizen.

  • Integrity - We demand of ourselves, and each other, the highest standards of individual and corporate integrity.
  • Excellence - We continually challenge each other to improve our products, our processes and ourselves.
  • Teamwork - We foster an environment that encourages innovation and creativity, and delivers results through collaboration.
  • Accountability - We honor the commitments we make and take personal responsibility for all actions and results.

It is equally essential that we foster an environment where all stakeholders feel comfortable and are encouraged to confidentially speak up about an action or situation that does not feel “right.”  To raise an ethical or compliance related concern, click here

Each year, our employees also pledge to live by our Guide to Ethical Conduct

Tyco and our employees will continue to demonstrate that we are an ethical leader in our global community and to help shape stronger communities locally.


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