Dandelion School

In 2013, Tyco launched its philanthropic program in China with a financial commitment to The Dandelion School.  Initiated by caring professional women and mothers including a spouse of former US ambassador to China, the once abandoned factory is now a non-profit middle school in Beijing for children from low-income migrant families representing 23 provinces in China.

Tyco helps to ensure that the school has funding to develop a tailored curriculum in music, art, science and social development skills, as well, as provide boarding for its 700 students.  “ Tyco’s support ensures measurable improvements for women and children in China.  By partnering with Dandelion, Tyco assists the children of migrant workers to have access to quality education,” according to Alex Kim, Vice President for Technology, Tyco Asia.

By the time of graduation, over 90 percent of students pass the national high school exam, and more than 85 percent of them advance to high schools and vocational schools.

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