Youth Opportunities

At Tyco, we believe in the investment in young people who aspire to reach their full potential in their education, in their communities, and in their future careers.  Tyco engages students in the global economy, increasing their access to employment and educational opportunities – particularly for those from underserved communities.  Our financial contributions, technical know-how and volunteer involvement support and inspire young people to reach their full potential.

ADT Teach

The lack of infrastructure and support in disadvantaged schools means that many high schools do not have the equipment or trainers to teach Information Technology. ADT Security recognized the importance of this skill set and established an innovative program in South Africa to confront this challenge.


Dandelion School

Tyco’s commitment to the Dandelion helps to ensure that children from the families of low-income migrant worker have the opportunity to receive an education in a secure and stable environment.


Fundo Carioca

By working with the Brazil Foundation in Rio de Janeiro, Tyco is helping to train the community’s next generation of electronic security installers and prepare them for a career in this growing industry.


United Way Youth Venture

Tyco SimplexGrinnell’s partnership with the United Way’s Youth Venture program empowers students to design and launch social ventures that build leadership and teamwork skills and provide a positive impact in the community.



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